Wedding on a Budget

Wedding DIY 

Before we even got engaged I had been planning and dreaming of our wedding day. I never really saw myself as the marrying kind and when J and I started dating I thought it was the perfect situation. He had been married before and I was perfectly content with spending the rest of my life with someone in un-married bliss. Even better, he had children. It was like my own little family without ever having to have the full responsibility of caring for a child. Perfect, right?! That worked for me for a while and then I saw him more and more with his own children and he was a great father and it got me thinking and before I knew it I had baby fever. And then Riley came into our lives. Finally, I had the perfect little family but something was missing. Next thing I know I am secretly googling wedding sites and cruising Pinterest and staring into jewelry store windows. 

To make a long story short, he got the hint and popped the question via Harry Potter, nonetheless and here we are. On June 8th, 2014, I will marry my best friend in a beautiful lake side ceremony on a local farm in a DIY kinda way. Over the next few months, I will share with you how I planned our wedding for less than $8500! 

The first item I purchased was my wedding dress. I was never one to swoon over expensive fancy wedding gowns that I would never wear again. When I sat down to start a budget I set a budget of $200 $400 for my dress. I went low in the beginning but everyone said that was impossible so I set it a little hire. After many hours of online searching I found the dress that suited me and one I could see myself walking down the aisle in. And that original budget I set? I did even better. I managed to buy my dress and have it shipped for less than my weekly grocery budget! Check it out brides… Make sure you read the reviews. I had two picked out and going through pages of reviews I discovered a few issues with the other style. I am very pleased with the one I ordered and it fit perfectly!

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