Friday, February 28, 2014

Insert catchy name here......

I am very new to the crafting world. I began this journey as a challenge for myself. I was tired of seeing all these fantastic creations and thinking how much I would love to be that talented. I would still love to be as talented as some of my friends and I am fully aware that is not going to happen. My goal when I sat down in front of my sewing machine for the first time was not to become a designer or a seamstress, it was to try and finish one small project. 
First attempt with my sewing machine.
All I wanted to do was start and finish a few simple projects. I sat down with no expectations except to just try it.  Now that I have a few simple completed projects under my belt its time to begin another New Years resolution. By the end of 2014, I want to be able to say I sold something I made to someone other then my mom!
In order to be able to put myself and my creations out there, I will need a name. I need something that when you are asked, "Where did you buy that from?" They should respond with something other then, "some crazy person at the corner selling her crap" So, I turn to you for help. I need suggestions. I am looking for something fun. I don't have one specific product I am focused on so it would need to be something general. The ones I have so far are:
homemade by Amanda
Dragonfly Designs
The Happy Pineapple
handmade with love
What do you think? I would love to hear your suggestions!!
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Thursday, February 27, 2014


One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to get in touch with my crafty side. I purchased a sewing machine and knitting needles and gave it a go. I did discover that me and knitting do not go well together but I am getting the hang of crocheting. I still have to use a step-by-step tutorial but I am getting better with each new wash cloth. Check out Heather's page at Dragon Fly Designs if you are interested in learning!
I am still learning how to cut fabric and sew a straight line but here are a few pictures of some of the things I have finished....
 Its hard to see here but this tote even has a flat bottom!

When Riley saw mine, he wanted one. This one is reversible!
I got the tutorials and tote pattern from Pinterest but mostly used the tutorials from Sew Mama Sew. The steps were super easy to follow and there are step-by-step pictures!
And finally, I have fallen in love with making Deco Mesh wreaths. I had been admiring the ones in the craft stores but they were very expensive so I decided to make them myself. I still need a lot of practice but here are the few I have completed.

I have a few more projects in the works so check back for updates!
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SHREK Muffins

Like most children, Riley is not a fan of veggies. I have tried many things and its just not working. I have discovered however, if I hide them in muffin or bread form, he will likely eat it. I have done carrot and pumpkin whole grain bread, squash and broccoli muffins, and his absolute favorite SHREK muffins! (a.k.a Spinach muffins) 
These are so popular with the tiny humans that they are the number one snack request. And if I run out...6 toddler temper tantrums at one time! Needless to say, I always have a supply of these in the freezer. 
Our most recent batch even had Riley helping in the kitchen! 
Yes, they are green, which is why the name SHREK...ever try to ask a child if the want a spinach muffin?
I found the recipe here. I often add a little plain Greek yogurt or whole milk to get them a little more moist.
Give them a try. I would love to hear what you think!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day

Today is another snow day! Well, it’s a snow day for some but not for me. It is one of those little downfalls of running your own day care. No sick days and No snow days! I will admit there is nothing more annoying than having a child dropped off and their parent going on about their snow day and they can’t wait to crawl back in bed or just relax. Maybe annoying is not the right word. JEALOUS pretty much sums it up. But that is the life I have chosen and I really do enjoy being able to spend my days with Riley and the other tiny humans.

On this snow day we made “Shrek Muffins” a.k.a Spinach muffins and some chocolate chip muffins for a very special treat. You can get the recipe for the Spinach muffins here.They are in fact green and seem like a very gross idea but I promise you, they are actually pretty good. I had no apple sauce so I used peach sauce instead and they turned out great.

We enjoyed our treats I and them traced our bodies and colored them in. 

I will admit not the brightest idea I had considering I have 4 kids under 2 here but hey had fun. 

I promised a movie after nap time since most kids will be leaving early because of the weather but 
only only after we do a few songs! I hope you are all having a happy day!
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Wedding on a Budget

Wedding DIY 

Before we even got engaged I had been planning and dreaming of our wedding day. I never really saw myself as the marrying kind and when J and I started dating I thought it was the perfect situation. He had been married before and I was perfectly content with spending the rest of my life with someone in un-married bliss. Even better, he had children. It was like my own little family without ever having to have the full responsibility of caring for a child. Perfect, right?! That worked for me for a while and then I saw him more and more with his own children and he was a great father and it got me thinking and before I knew it I had baby fever. And then Riley came into our lives. Finally, I had the perfect little family but something was missing. Next thing I know I am secretly googling wedding sites and cruising Pinterest and staring into jewelry store windows. 

To make a long story short, he got the hint and popped the question via Harry Potter, nonetheless and here we are. On June 8th, 2014, I will marry my best friend in a beautiful lake side ceremony on a local farm in a DIY kinda way. Over the next few months, I will share with you how I planned our wedding for less than $8500! 

The first item I purchased was my wedding dress. I was never one to swoon over expensive fancy wedding gowns that I would never wear again. When I sat down to start a budget I set a budget of $200 $400 for my dress. I went low in the beginning but everyone said that was impossible so I set it a little hire. After many hours of online searching I found the dress that suited me and one I could see myself walking down the aisle in. And that original budget I set? I did even better. I managed to buy my dress and have it shipped for less than my weekly grocery budget! Check it out brides… Make sure you read the reviews. I had two picked out and going through pages of reviews I discovered a few issues with the other style. I am very pleased with the one I ordered and it fit perfectly!
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Monday, January 13, 2014

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New Year, New Me.......

With all the changes and craziness that has happened over the last few years, I have decided 2014 was my year. This will be the year that I start doing the things I have always said, " I wish I could.." or "If I could.." or "someday I will.." Crafting, baking, sewing, blogging and getting married are among those on my list. In an effort to stick to my 2014 goals, I give you my first blog of 2014! My goal is to blog often on anything that I feel like sharing. I will share with you my thoughts, favorite recipies, my crafting journey and of course my life. I am a stay-at-home mom of sorts, in that I am home with my 2 year old son during the day. Of course in order to have such an awesome opportunity, I had to open a small in-home daycare to make up for the financial loss. It is not always fun and games and often causes me nightmares and way more stress then any job, but I love being home with Riley and most days I love the tiny humans. Yes I will blog about them and all the craziness that goes along with running a daycare. I love to cook and bake and will post my creations from time to time. I have been learning to decorate sugar cookies with the help of Sweetopia and I still have a very long way to go but I do enjoy it and so does the kiddie taste testers. I can be a creative person but I tend to stick to what I know. This year I have decided to try new things. My sewing machine has arrived and I took it out of the box! Its a start right? My hope is that I will be able to sell some of my creations later in the year. I love to make new things and I am really looking forward to see what I can do. I hope you stick around for the ride.... The biggest new thing in 2014 will be marriage. On June 8th, 2014 I will marry my best friend in a intimate ceremony at Hatfield Farm. When we got engaged we agreed to not go into debt over our wedding. This includes no credit cards and a tight budget. Aside from what the farm provides, everything will be DIY and nothing makes me happier then ribbons and glue guns! Keep an eye out for wedding updates and how to stick within a budget. Thanks for reading and stop by from time to time! Amanda