Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 Months Old

I cannot believe that just over 7 months ago my little man was born. Time is just flying by. There was a point when I was praying for it to go fast, especially in the early days, but now I need it to slow down. He is getting so big and it won't be long before he is walking around. My tiny human weighs in at close to 24 lbs and over 28 inches tall! Yes he is the size of a toddler and he definately gets his height from his father! He has grown so much in the last few weeks and has been learning plenty of new things. He is not crawling yet, but getting close. Instead of crawling he has taken to rolling or scooting on his back. He can move from one end of the living room to the other in seconds. He is sitting up on his own, although he would rather be pulled into a standing position and can hold himself up while holding on to the couch. He loves to play with his books but would still rather eat them then have me read to him. Peek-A-Boo is his favorite game. He puts just about everything over his face and pulls it down and waits for your reaction. A new thing he has picked up is removing his socks and sucking on his toes (or his socks). He has also taken to throwing things out of his crib or off his high chair and gets a laugh when you pick them up for him. Riley absolutely loves to eat. Avacados and squash are still his favorite but the only thing he has refused to eat so far are cucumbers.
He has the best little personality and is pretty chill most days. He is very "chatty" most of the time and is working out his loud voice. The last few days have been filled with much screaming but in a playful way. However, it now means we get an even louder baby when he is unhappy. He can be heard saying...well screaming, mum mum mum ma when he is upset or can't reach a toy. Riley even has little friends that come and visit him and I think he actually enjoys it. It is cute watching them interact with each other. He has been invited to his first birthday party this weekend which is exciting. His brother turns 12 and is having a swimming party so Riley gets to go swimming for the first time. Its a good thing the Easter Bunny brought him new swim shorts. I write this as he is lying on the floor, feet up on a pillow and playing with a book. That boy is just to darn cute.

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