Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day

Today is another snow day! Well, it’s a snow day for some but not for me. It is one of those little downfalls of running your own day care. No sick days and No snow days! I will admit there is nothing more annoying than having a child dropped off and their parent going on about their snow day and they can’t wait to crawl back in bed or just relax. Maybe annoying is not the right word. JEALOUS pretty much sums it up. But that is the life I have chosen and I really do enjoy being able to spend my days with Riley and the other tiny humans.

On this snow day we made “Shrek Muffins” a.k.a Spinach muffins and some chocolate chip muffins for a very special treat. You can get the recipe for the Spinach muffins here.They are in fact green and seem like a very gross idea but I promise you, they are actually pretty good. I had no apple sauce so I used peach sauce instead and they turned out great.

We enjoyed our treats I and them traced our bodies and colored them in. 

I will admit not the brightest idea I had considering I have 4 kids under 2 here but hey had fun. 

I promised a movie after nap time since most kids will be leaving early because of the weather but 
only only after we do a few songs! I hope you are all having a happy day!
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