Wednesday, October 12, 2011

38 hours and counting....Happy Labor Day!!!

Riley Wayne Buckle-Pineau was born on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 7:14 am, weighing 7.5lbs...yes, it was Labour Day! A little to ironic if you ask me!! On Saturday afternoon, September 3, I wasn't feeling too great. I had not slept well the night before. I decided to go lie down in bed and watch a movie. A little while later, I was jumping out of bed because of a slow stream running down my leg. I yelled out to J that I thought my water broke and we were off. At the hospital, I walked in to register and was there that my water broke like a scene from my movie...puddle on the floor and all!!! Of course all while this was happening, I was feeling no discomfort or no contractions. The Doctor checked me out and sent me home with only 2 orders: 1) if or when the contractions start, head to the hospital, 2) if contractions never start I will get a phone call scheduling me to come in within 24 hours to be induced. That had to be the longest 24 hours of my life! We got our phone call on Sunday and once again headed to the hospital. I was induced around 730 Sunday evening. I only made it 4 hours of real labour before I asked for the drugs. Once I had the drugs I was placed on monitors where once again they had issues with Riley’s heart beat. Every time I had a contraction his heart rate would slow down or fall so low they could not pick it up on the monitor. To make sure he was alright, the nurse would stop the Petocin which would stop the contractions. When the contractions would stop, Riley’s heart rate would go back to normal. After several hours of this, the Doctor decided it was time for a C-Section. Shortly before 7 am I was wheeled in to the OR. While recovery was painful and reason enough to not have more children, it was so worth it. The second I got to meet my little man, I forgot about the pain I was in. I forgot where I was and spent the next few hours just cuddling with my baby.....

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