Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boys will be boys

We found out in April that we were having a boy. While it never really mattered to either of is what we had, I think we were both very shocked to learn that we had in fact created a tiny little man. Up until that point we were both convinced we were having a girl. (my sweet tooth craving suggested a girl!) Once we processed it however, we became very excited. We had a named picked out right away and instantly began talking to my belly by the name Riley. It is amazing how fast and how strong that bond is created once you know who you are talking to. I spent hours telling Riley stories and reading to him. I would joke that the extreme all day sickness and lack of energy had to be because of a Boy. Only a boy would cause so many problems before he was even born! And just to prove my theory, the last 3 months of my preganacy had us rushing to the hospital more times than I can remember. My placenta was located in a spot that made it difficult to feel the baby move. When I did feel him, it was not fun. The doctors have this rule that if you don't feel that baby move 6 times in 2 hours than you must go to the hospital immediately. So, following orders we would pack up and go. I was placed on monitors and other devices to make sure baby was ok. I knew he was of course, but there was always that possibility that left us a little panicked. During the last 4 weeks, I was rushed to early labor directly from my actual scheduled doctors appointment because they could not find a heart beat or if they did, it was too fast or too slow. Several tests and ultrasounds later showed he was fine and once again we were sent home. As a result I was fully prepared for the possibility of a not so easy delivery. And that was exactly how it was to play out.......

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