Friday, June 29, 2012


I have said it before; it is crazy how time flies. May has been an exciting month in the Buckle-Pineau home. May began with Riley turning 8 months old. He is learning so much. He can crawl laps around the apartment and is saying “Mama” and “Dada” more clearly now. He is still off wheat but we are soon going to slowly introduce it to him again. I certainly hope for his sake it is not a Gluten allergy. Both J and I celebrated our birthdays and I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. My first Mother's Day was very special. We went for brunch and spent family time together. Riley gave me a lovely journal. I had been keep a journal for him since he was born and I guess he (with help from daddy) decided I should have a nice one instead of the pieces of loose leaf I had been using. It was a beautiful gift!! Later in May, we traveled to Newfoundland for a friend’s wedding. Riley was an excellent travel companion, besides getting sick within the first 20 mins of the trip!

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