Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soccer, Swimming, Dance, Parties, Dads day..what a weekend!

Oh by what a weekend! I didn't think it would ever come to an end. We had a full weekend of soccer, dance, swimming and parties. While the kids had a blast, I am absolutely exhausted and could use a vacation!
Friday started off light and easy. An early Father's Day celebration with cupcakes and presents for J and a quick trip to the park to kick around the soccer ball and hang on the monkey bars. It was early to bed because it was going to be a very early rise!
Saturday morning started off with of all things a flat tire while we were rushing out the door at 8:00 am. Why do these things always happen when you are in a rush and really don't have the time to deal with it? The morning started off pretty good. Abby played good soccer and even got a was one of those goals everyone seemed to miss of course but she was pretty excited about it! I have to add that Ben was an amazing big brother as he waited on the side lines for close to 3 hours as he waited his turn. Unfortunately he had to wait a little longer. When Abby finished her last game we had to run to the car to get back into the city (25 mins away) so we could be on time for swimming. A little over an hour later and a quick drop off so Abby could get ready for a friends bithday party, we were back in the car heading back to soccer for Ben's turn.

The afternoon was a little more exciting than the morning, the older they are, the more there is to see. I spent the afternoon trying to follow what was going on since J was busy coaching Ben's team. The boys played some good games and won 2 out of 4 games. Being the good step-mom/assistant coach that I am, I packed some freezies for the boys but it was a hot, hot day and the freezies melted. ( I guess I still have a few things to learn) The boys enjoyed them anyway.

Just a side note: Saturday was a scorcher of a day and being fair skined and prone to burns, I grabbed my SPF 45 and followed the instructions carefully. The instructions suggested reapply every 2 hours, I reapplied every hour!! And yes I am still painfully burnt with a face that looks like a tomato.

Saturday Soccer ended and we were off again for a quick meal and out the door to drop Ben off to a bithday party. Everyone was passed out by 10pm.

Sunday we had to get Ben home early so he could get ready for another birthday party and we had to rush to get ready for Abby's dance recital. (the reason why Fathers day came a few days early this year!)
It was a cute show and for the first time all year, I felt that maybe we weren't wasting our money. However, Abby did inform everyone that she does not want to dance anymore, but I am sure she will change her mind. She has to, we already registered her for September.

The day finally came to an end, and its time to relax with a good book and listen to the thunder. I will end this long blog wishing all the fathers out there a Happy Father's Day. Very special wishes to the man I love, To my MOM and of course my own father...I miss you dad!


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